13 Amazing Bands Similar To Arctic Monkeys

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Formed in 2002, alternative indie rock band Arctic Monkeys rose to fame with their eclectic mix of influences, ranging from punk rock and garage rock to psychedelic and electronic music.

If you are a fan of theirs and want to expand your playlist to other bands with a similar music style, we’re here for you. We’ve listed 13 bands like Arctic Monkeys that are sure to satisfy your musical cravings.

These bands, ranging from garage rock pioneers like The Strokes to newer sensations like Cage the Elephant, offer fresh sounds while staying true to the essence of what makes Arctic Monkeys such an iconic British band. Let’s get started!

Arctic Monkeys by Bill Ebbesen (CC BY 3.0)

1. The Strokes

Formed in New York City in 1998, The Strokes is an iconic American rock band that has influenced Arctic Monkeys’ sound. They are known for their garage rock and post-punk revival style, characterized by energetic live performances and catchy melodies.

As pioneers of the early 2000s garage rock revival scene, they share a penchant for driving guitar riffs and memorable hooks steeped in classic British punk music influence.

The Stokes’ success is evidenced by over five million records sold worldwide, and they continue to be one of the most influential bands of the 21st century. For fans of Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes are a must-listen, as their music represents the best of alternative rock.

2. Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend, an NYC indie rock band formed in 2006, has been recognized for their unique sound that draws comparisons to Arctic Monkeys. Their self-titled debut album showcased their blend of genres, including pop-rock, new wave, and Afrobeat influences.

Vampire Weekend has evolved their sound while still retaining elements fans love. Their latest album, Father of the Bride, incorporates folk influences, adding another layer to their diverse musical palette.

With critical acclaim and two Grammy Awards, Vampire Weekend has become a favorite among alternative rock fans. Their catchy melodies, witty lyrics, and genre-bending style make them a must-listen for anyone looking to expand their musical horizons, especially fans of Arctic Monkeys.

3. Franz Ferdinand

The powerhouse Scottish rock band Franz Ferdinand has taken the music scene by storm since their formation in 2002. Their unique fusion of post-punk revival and alternative rock sounds has garnered them critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base worldwide.

Franz Ferdinand’s big break came with their hit single “Take Me Out,” which charted in several countries and earned them a place in the indie rock scene.

Since then, the band has sold over 3 million records worldwide, and their innovative sound has made them one of the most exciting bands in the music industry.

If you’re an Arctic Monkeys fan, you will love Franz Ferdinand. Both bands share a similar sound and an ability to push the boundaries within the alternative rock landscape.

4. The Kooks

British indie rock band The Kooks have made a name for themselves with their upbeat melodies and catchy guitar riffs that draw influence from garage rock, similar to Arctic Monkeys.

The band has seen tremendous success with over 2 million records sold globally and numerous awards and nominations, including the BRIT Award for Best British Breakthrough Act in 2007. Their debut album, Inside In/Inside Out, went five-times Platinum in the UK and received critical acclaim.

The Kooks’ energetic live performances and festival appearances have gained them a loyal fan base worldwide. With both bands’ ability to blend various genres, it’s no surprise that Arctic Monkeys fans would also appreciate The Kooks’ unique sound.

5. The Libertines

Known for their punk-inspired sound and raw, honest lyrics, the music of British band The Libertines is perfect for those who crave an edgy, unpolished sound with a rebellious attitude.

Despite some setbacks, The Libertines have sold over two million records worldwide and received critical acclaim for their music. The band has amassed a dedicated following and critical acclaim with smash hits like “What Became of the Likely Lads?” and “Can’t Stand Me Now.”

If you’re an Arctic Monkeys fan, you’ll love The Libertines. Both bands share a similar punk and garage rock-influenced sound, a penchant for clever lyrics, and an offbeat sense of humor.

6. Cage The Elephant

Next up is Cage the Elephant, a dynamic American rock band from Bowling Green, Kentucky. With six albums under their belt and songs like “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” and “Cigarette Daydreams,” the band has earned mainstream recognition and critical acclaim.

Their unapologetic approach to music-making and incorporating elements of alternative rock, garage rock, punk, and blues helped them gain a loyal following.

Cage the Elephant’s live performances showcase their exceptional musicianship and talent as performers. Their lyrics explore themes such as societal issues and personal struggles, much like Arctic Monkeys. If you enjoy Arctic Monkeys, then you’ll love Cage the Elephant’s energetic and bold style.

7. Foals

From Oxford, England, we have the rock band Foals, formed in 2005. With a unique sound that blends math rock, funk, and post-punk influences, Foals has released six studio albums, including classics like Antidotes and Holy Fire.

Their music features angular guitar riffs, complex rhythms, and catchy melodies, creating an electrifying live experience. Like Arctic Monkeys, Foals’ sound is edgy and innovative, focusing on clever lyrics and impressive musicianship.

If you’re an Arctic Monkeys fan, you’ll surely appreciate Foals’ dynamic style. Check out their music now! We recommend their hit song “My Number.”

8. The Black Keys

American rock duo The Black Keys is from Akron, Ohio. They have been likened to Arctic Monkeys due to their similar sound and style.

Comprising of Dan Auerbach (guitar, vocals) and Patrick Carney (drums), The Black Keys’ music is a unique blend of blues, garage rock, and psychedelic rock that creates an energetic and raw sound. Their songs, like “Tighten Up” and “Lonely Boy” have won them several Grammy Awards.

The Black Keys have collaborated with Arctic Monkeys lead singer Alex Turner on his side project Last Shadow Puppets. Thus the band will surely appeal to Arctic Monkeys fans.

9. Bombay Bicycle Club

Formed in 2005, Bombay Bicycle Club is another British alternative rock band like Arctic Monkeys. The band’s music is known for its diverse range of genres, including indie rock, folk, and electronica.

Their musical style offers intricate instrumentation, emotive lyrics, and catchy melodies that will keep listeners coming back for more. Check out their chart-topping album So Long, See You Tomorrow, released in 2014, for a taste of their musical magic.

Bombay Bicycle Club is perfect for Arctic Monkeys fans who appreciate bands experimenting with different styles and sounds while maintaining a solid foundation in rock music.

10. The Vaccines

If you’re a fan of Arctic Monkeys’ catchy guitar riffs, check out The Vaccines. Formed in 2010, this British indie rock band gained popularity with their debut album, What Did You Expect from the Vaccines?, a year after their inception. 

Their music is energetic, infectious, and filled with punk attitudes that would make any rock fan tap their feet, like the Platinum-certified single “If You Wanna.”

The Vaccines’ sound has evolved since their start. They have incorporated influences from new wave, post-punk revival, and even pop elements into their later albums.

11. Kasabian

Another highly recommended band like Arctic Monkeys is Kasabian, an English alternative rock band that has been creating music since 1997. They’re known for their music fused with hip-hop, psychedelia, and electronica.

Their early hit song “Club Foot” features heavy guitar riffs and an infectious beat that has been featured in movies, video games, and TV shows. Another hit you should check out is their Song of the Year winner, “Fire,” released in 2009.

With a sound similar to Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian is a must-add to any indie rock fan’s music library. The band has sold over 5.5 million albums worldwide and won numerous awards, including the Brit Awards for Best British Group and Best British Album in 2010. 

12. Interpol

New York City-based rock band Interpol is known for their post-punk revival sound. If you enjoy Arctic Monkeys’ brooding rock sound, Interpol’s discography is a must-listen.

They began in 1997 and rose to fame with their album Turn on the Bright Lights, which received critical acclaim and is considered a seminal album of the post-punk revival genre.

The band has sold millions of records worldwide and has won awards such as the NME Award for Best New York Band. Their music features driving basslines, haunting guitar riffs, and dark lyrics, making for a moody and introspective listening experience.

13. Two Door Cinema Club

Our last recommended music group that’s similar to Arctic Monkeys is Two Door Cinema Club. Their music is characterized by catchy guitar riffs, upbeat melodies, and energetic live performances.

The Northern Irish indie rock band formed in 2007 and rose to fame with their debut album, Tourist History, in 2010. The album featured hits like “What You Know” and “Undercover Martyn.”

The band has sold over two million records worldwide and has received numerous awards, including a Choice Music Prize for Tourist History. If you’re a fan of Arctic Monkeys, you’ll love Two Door Cinema Club’s infectious indie-pop sound that will have you dancing along in no time.

Summing Up Our List Of Bands Like Arctic Monkeys

To wrap up, if you’re a fan of Arctic Monkeys and their distinct fusion of indie rock and garage punk, these bands are worth listening to. Each artist, from The Strokes to Two Door Cinema Club, brings their unique style and sound while still maintaining that alternative edge.

You might discover your next favorite band by exploring new music and utilizing scrobbling and related searches. So whether you’re in the mood for British rock or psychedelic pop, this list offers something for everyone.

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