A Brief History of the Trombone: The Evolution and Its Origins

This article is all about the history of the trombone, particularly how its design and usage has evolved over time. There are many places we could begin this story; brass instruments have existed since antiquity (especially in the military) and the trombone develops within this context. In this brief overview we’ll begin in the fourteenth …

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A Guide To The Different Parts of a Trombone

Mechanically, the trombone is one of the simplest brass instruments. However, as with all musical instruments, there is a lot of technical jargon to learn that can be confusing at first. Learning what all the different parts of the trombone are will allow you to communicate effectively with your teacher and will help you when …

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three trombones

A Guide To The Different Types of Trombones

Most people when they’re asked to think of a trombone, will probably picture a brass instrument with a slide. But, what people often don’t know is that there are actually a family of trombones with lots of different kinds! Like most instrument families, there are lots of different ones at different ranges to help cover …

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