Grade 5 Performance Directions

In this post, we're going to cover all the Grade 5 performance directions you need to know for the ABRSM music theory exam. They’re all listed below. The good news is, there’s not too many that you have to learn… The bad news is, they’re all in Italian…and German.


Italian Music Terms

First, we'll start with all the Italian terms for the grade 5 exam there are a few different ways to approach it. We've got a quiz after to help you begin to assimilate all the meanings and definitions. But first, let’s have a look at them all.


attacca – go straight on to the next section of music

dolente – sad, mournful

dolore – grief

doppio – movimento twice as fast

estino – as soft as possible, lifeless

incalzando – getting quicker

lacrimoso – sad

loco – at the normal pitch (used to cancel an 8va direction)

lunga – long

lusingando – coaxing, in a sweet and persuasive style

misura – measure ossia – or, alternatively

piacevole – pleasant

piangevole – plaintive, in the style of a lament

pochettino, poch. – rather little

rinforzando, rf, rfz – reinforcing

segue – go straight on

smorzando, smorz. – dying away in tone and speed

teneramente, tenerezza – tenderly, tenderness

tosto – swift, rapid

volante – flying, fast


Grade 5 Music Theory Italian terms quiz

Not too bad, only 21 of them… Now try the quiz on some of the above Grade 5 Music Theory Italian terms. After you can try the German terms.


German Musical Terms

Guten tag! Now we're on to the German terms that you need to have learned for the ABRSM music theory exam. Thankfully there aren’t too many words to learn. Only 26. Shall we get started?

aber – but

ausdruck – expression

bewegt – with movement, agitated

breit – broad, expansive

ein – a, one

einfach – simple

etwas – somewhat, rather

fröhlich – cheerful, joyful

immer – always

langsam – slow

leghaft – lively

mässig – at a moderate speed

mit – with

nicht – not

ohne – without

ruhig – peaceful

schnell – fast

sehr – very

süss – sweet

traurig – sad

und – and

voll – full

wenig – little

wieder – again

zart – tender, delicate

zu – to, too


German Performance Terms Quiz

Now it's time to test your self on the German terms.




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