Grade 3 Performance Directions

For the ABRSM grade 3 music theory exam you’re going to need to know some Italian words and symbols and what they mean. Although it can seem quite daunting at first don’t worry. You’ll pick them up easily. So below are all the Grade 3 Italian Musical Terms for you to start getting to know.

Ad libitum, ad lib. – At pleasure, meaning that a passage may be played freely

Adagietto – Rather slow

Agitato – Agitated

Alla breve – With a minim beat

Amore – Love (amoroso – loving)

Anima – Soul, spirit

Animando – Becoming lively

Animato – Animated, lively

Ben – Well

Brio – Vigour

Comodo – Convenient, comfortable

Deciso – With determination

Delicato – Delicate

Energico – Energetic

Forza – Force

Largamente – Broadly

Leggiero – Light, nimble

Marcato / marc. – Emphatic, accented

Marziale – In a military style

Mesto – Sad

Pesante – Heavy

Prima / primo – First

Risoluto – Bold, strong

Ritmico – Rhythmically

Rubato / tempo rubato – With some freedom of time

Scherzando / scherzoso – Playful, joking

Seconda / secondo – Second

Semplice – Simple, plain

Sempre – Always

Stringendo – Gradually getting faster

Subito – Suddenly

Tanto – So much

Tranquillo – Calm

Triste / tristamente – Sad, sorrowful

Volta – Time (prima volta – first time)


Grade 3 Music Theory Performance Directions Quiz

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